Afterwork Video

Die Mitarbeiter vom YouTube Klon Vimeo hatten wohl eines Abends die Idee doch selber ein Video zu machen. Echt cool gelungen würd ich mal sagen. Gute Idee, cooler Song und offensichtlich auch viel Spass führten zu dem folgenden Ergebnis:



Gefunden bei Superdeluxe

PS: Weiss jemand von wem der Song ist?

Song gefunden: Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta

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2 Replies to “Afterwork Video”

  1. EDIT: Danke 2xm, aber leider Falsch … Siehe im Artikel Update. ———————————————————- Green Day – Paranoia I had visions, I was in them, I was lookin’ into the mirror To see a little bit clearer The rotteness and evil in me. Finger tips have memories I can’t forget the curves of your body And when i feel a bit naughty I run it up the flag pole and see, who still looks But no one ever does I’m not sick but I’m not well And I’m so hot Cause I’m in hell Been around the world And found that only stupid people are breeding Cretans cloning and feeding And I don’t even own a TV Put me in the hospital for nerves And then they had to commit me She told them all I was crazy They cut off my legs now I’m an amputee God damn you. I’m not sick but I’m not well And I’m so hot Cause I’m in hell I’m not sick but I’m not well And it’s a sin To live so well

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